Who is Donald Trump?

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Let me start by saying this: I am Canadian yes, and I am not a Donald Trump fan. Far from it. I don’t even think he’s successful financially! Yep, that’s true, he didn’t start from nothing, he started by inheriting a small empire that he grew of course. However, studies have shown that had he just kept the money he inherited and invested it in the S&P500, he would have been much richer than what he currently is!!!  Isn’t that crazy for someone who has filed for bankruptcy several times and mentions his fortune in every sentence? Here’s the study in question: http://fortune.com/2015/08/20/donald-trump-index-funds/

However, had he done that, no one would have heard of him today, and he probably wouldn’t have become a candidate for the white house. The guy is a branding genius, I’ll give you that, but does it mean he’ll be a good president? Far from it!

Donald Trump is a divisive person, he doesn’t even understand foreign policy and his life revolves around his own person. I wouldn’t say he’s not a nice guy, because he seems to be a genuine one, however I wouldn’t ever want to be represented by him.

Here were my thoughts on him, I could elaborate more but I strongly hope that you understand what I mean. I’m not trying to influence the decision of anyone; especially from Canada, however I just wanted to state this here.

If I were living in the USA and he became president, I would directly emigrate to Mexico! Wouldn’t you?

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Twitter is being used for various purposes; Companies use this platform to promote their brands while individuals are active on Twitter to get the latest viral trends, breaking news and/or to promote their personal brand as well. Twitter promotes the connection between like-minded people, celebrities, and even customers, however, getting a great number of followers can be challenging. Many softwares will help you get twitter followers, however here are some useful tips to help you acquire them on your own:

Tweet Often
The frequency with which you post your tweets will influence the number of followers you gain. The more tweets you make, the higher the chances increasing your followers. Ensure that your social presence is felt among the users by making a few tweets each day. However, you should do it with moderation. Too many tweets can you lose followers as well.
Tweet at the right time
Apart from making a few tweets every day, try to determine the peak time so that many users are exposed to your posts. Try to understand your audience to determine their peak hours and this varies depending on the type of targeted audience. Mostly, evening hours are the best time to tweet because most people are through with their daily activities.
Tweet Top Twitter Users
Mentioning the names of those people with a huge number of followers in your tweets can earn you more followers. For instance, by mentioning a celebrity in your tweet, his/her followers will also be able to read the post and can follow you as well. By appearing or being mentioned on a celebrity page, many users are likely to follow you.
Create Valuable Content
The value of your content is paramount in increasing Twitter followers. It should be unique and worth sharing. Avoid re-sharing your previous contents or just copy-pasting other people’s content. Give the user a good reason of reading and sharing your content. Furthermore, your tweets should be relevant to the current events. You should not tweet about charismas when people are celebrating Easter.
You should not focus on tweeting only but also positively and intelligently contribute in various conversations on Twitter. Comment on breaking news, trending events or topics and other happenings on Twitter. However, you should pick a conversation that your targeted audience can be interested in. Being a social commentator, comedian or lifestyle brand can earn you more followers.
Search/rank service to identify thought-leaders
Apart from contributing on Twitter conversations, you can as well capitalize on these conversations to retweet relevant content. Furthermore, you can use a management dashboard for Twitter to identify thought-leaders in your field and retweet valuable contents they share. You will stand to benefit from associating with prominent and popular commentators. Every user reading their content can easily notice you and follow you.
Ask for Retweets
It is never wrong to ask for retweets. If you have come up with an interesting content and wish to be shared, ask your followers to assist in sharing the content and building your presence. By mentioning the word “retweet” at the end of your content increases the chances of being shared by your followers. The more the content is shared, the higher the chances of getting new followers.